International Research Scholarship

A key component of the Wellcome Trust Strategic Award (WTSA) is the International Research Scholarship Programmethat supports the training of exceptionally talented international students with the long-term aim of building capacity and expertise in medical mycology and fungal immunology in the students’ home countries. The WTSA consortium will accept nominations for exceptionally talented international students from low- and middle-income countries. Countries eligible to apply can be found at Each candidate/nomination must be accompanied by an academic Sponsor representing a Sponsor institution. Both the Sponsor and Sponsor institution must be from the candidate's home or host country.

The studentships are fully funded by the WTSA-MMFI and Consortium members and include; international student fees, student visa costs, student stipend and research expenses. Learn more about the bursary available for this Scholarship. Where necessary, the WTSA-MMFI will also contribute towards the travel costs incurred by the student. The start date will be early September in each year of recruitment.

A total of twelve 4-year International Research Scholarships have been awarded. This scheme is now closed.