Clinical PhD Fellowship

To train the next generation of clinical mycologist.

Three Clinical PhD Fellowships are supported by this award.

The Fellowship is for three years on a full time basis and provides for salary and research expenses set at £10,000 per annum and travel and accommodation to WTSA organised meetings and events.

In general, the post will be open to medically qualified candidates preferably with some research experience in medical mycology and/or fungal immunology. Candidates must demonstrate an ambition to pursue independent research in medical mycology.

An application for a Clinical PhD Fellowship must be completed by a Sponsor (Principal Applicant) and the candidate applying for the Fellowship. The application must include details of the research project that will be carried out by the Fellow.

For potential Sponsors (principal applicants) with a suitable project but no candidate, the WTSA MMFI Hub Support team may be able to assist the sponsor in identifying an appropriate clinical candidate.

Reciprocally, the WTSA MMFI Hub Support team may be able to assist potential clinical candidates to identify an appropriate sponsor and PhD project.

Find out how how to apply.

The three Fellowships have been awarded. This scheme is now closed.