Training and Workshops

The WTSA MMFI runs three different training programmes as described below. Learn more about the research priorities for these training programmes.

In addition to the training programmes, the WTSA MMFI will organise relevant workshops throughtout the duration of the of the award.

Ten International Research Scholarships

Four Year Programme (1+3) comprising a one-year MRes plus three-year PhD research project. Eligibility criteria: exceptionally talented candidates from developing countries. Potential candidates must have a Sponsor from their home country. During the MRes year students will have the opportunity to select a PhD research project. Ten Scholarships have been awarded between June 2012 and September 2014.

All international scholarships have now been awarded. This scheme is now closed.

Three Clinical PhD Fellowships

Three Year PhD Research Programme. Eligibility criteria: ambitious advanced clinicians with training in a suitable clinical discipline wishing to pursue PhD research in medical mycology. Candidates applying for a fellowship must also submit a research project proposal. An application for a Clinical PhD Research Fellowship must be completed by a Principal Applicant and the candidate applying for the Fellowship. The application must include details of the proposed research project that will be carried out by the Fellow.

All three fellowships have been awarded. This scheme is now closed

Six Postdoctoral Fellowships

Three Year Postdoctoral Research Programme. Eligibility criteria: newly qualified PhDs and candidates wishing to build an independent career in medical mycology and fungal immunology. Principal investigators and senior researchers in UK universities and research institutes are eligible to apply for a Cross-disciplinary PDRA Project Grant to support these postdoctoral fellowships. Principal applicants in receipt of an award will advertise for their own candidates to hold these fellowships.

The six postdoctoral fellowships have now been awarded. This scheme is now closed.