Application Process

Applicants can submit a project for more than one of the following:

To submit a project application for one of the above schemes, please read the Guidelines (version 1.6) and complete the WTSA MMFI Application Form.

Please note: Guidelines have been updated (to version 1.6). A list of changes can be found here

Closing dates for project applications:

Funding Stream 2012 2013 2014
PhD projects (for International Research Scholarships) Closed Closed


Clinical PhD Fellowships - Closed Closed
Cross-disciplinary projects
(for Postdoctoral Fellowships)
- Closed -

Applications will be accepted from:

  • WTSA Consortium members.
  • Other UK Principal Applicants and Co-applicants eligible to apply for Wellcome Trust Funding.
  • Industry with a research interest in medical mycology and/or fungal immunology wishing to part- or wholly fund a research project.

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