The WTSA-MMFI schemes are now closed and all available awards have now been made.  At present we will not be calling for new project proposals.

The WTSA-MMFI Application form and guidelines can be found under Application Process.

Projects must fit with the WTSA research priorities outlined below:

Research Priorities

The WTSA research priority areas include; basic, clinical and translational aspects of medical mycology and fungal immunology with a particular focus on Candida, Aspergillus, Cryptococcus and Pneumocystis as well as other clinically important fungal pathogens endemic in developing countries.Breaking these down into themes;

Fundamental mycology and immunology including (a) analysis of in vivo growth (b) virulence and morphogenesis (c) stress responses and cell wall biosynthesis (d) hosts responses and pattern recognition (e) receptor biology (f) systems and synthetic mycology (g) genomics and (h) innate and adaptive immunology.

Clinical mycology and immunology including (a) antifungal drug action and resistance (b) host susceptibility (c) vaccine biology and (d) diagnostics and the immune response.

Translational mycology and immunology including (a) development of novel diagnostics and therapeutics and (b) strategies for the prevention of disease and colonization of medical implants.

Projects should also be cross-cutting and interdisciplinary in nature and strengthen the local, national and international research capacity.

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