The Aberdeen Fungal Group in partnership with Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands secured a Wellcome Trust Strategic Award worth £5.1 million, to establish and lead the Medical Mycology and Fungal Immunology Consortium.

The Consortium also comprises research expertise from Imperial College London and the Universities of Birmingham, Exeter, Glasgow, Kent, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield, King's College London, St George's University London and other UK institutions.

Specific Aims of the Consortium:

  1. To promote research excellence and new interdisciplinary scientific initiatives in medical mycology and fungal immunology
  2. To integrate, expand and resource complementary skills in this field thereby increasing our understanding of fungal disease and translating our basic research into the clinic and the pharmaceutical industry.
  3. To establish a national consortium to coordinate a research and training programme that harnesses the excellent, but dispersed, expertise within the UK to understand and treat fungal infections and train a new generation of scientists.
  4. To promote the public understanding and profile of this often misrepresented and underappreciated area of science.