Medical Careers Websites

These websites can help with advice about career progression as well as outlining the options available. Only a few have been chosen from many available – but these are among the best we’ve seen. They also contain links to the more specific websites you need to explore in more depth.

Year 1 Online Careers Course
Year 1 Online Careers Course.
Health Careers Website
Run by the NHS and Health Education England – contains many resources and advice – takes time to explore fully – but that’s partly due to the wealth of resource available to you. Probably the best / most authoritative medical carers website available to you – lots of advice on your options but also good for resources about managing your career.
BMA Careers pages
Lots of practical advice – good access even if you’re not a member.
UoA Careers Service
The University Careers Service can advise personally and help with important aspects of career progression such as CV building – and – advisers from the service visit the ARI site regularly – you can book an appointment through their website.
BMJ Careers website
The articles and tips sections have some really useful advice – these are often written by newly qualified doctors.   The news items are really useful – especially if it’s near to a time when you’re making decisions about the next step in your career.

1st For Training, 1st For Lifestyle

A locally run blog focused on the GP training programmes in this area – which also contains a lot of lifestyle articles recognising the importance of getting the right work/life balance for yourself.
Aberdeen Emergency Medicine