Careers outwith the NHS

Although the vast majority of doctors working in the UK do so as part of the NHS a degree in Medicine does not necessarily mean you need to spend the rest of your working life as a doctor in the NHS.

The knowledge, skills and experience you gain at medical school and beyond are transferrable to many other sectors.  If you are feeling unfulfilled in your current role or you are unsure about whether you want to be a doctor after leaving University, don’t panic.  You are not alone.  You are not the first person to have second thoughts and you won’t be the last.  Many doctors have changed careers successfully and have never looked back.  Believe in yourself and have the confidence to create the life you desire and deserve.  While everyone’s circumstances are unique and no career path is exactly the same, there is a lot we can learn from the journeys of colleagues who carved out their career paths defying the status quo and taking the roads less travelled.

If you are interested in a career out-with the NHS the two doctors here are willing to talk about this option with you.

Please remember that there is support available within the University or NES if you’re concerned about your choice of course/career – in the first instance your year lead or Foundation Programme Director would be a good contact but there are other experienced people available for support and guidance.

  • Dr Sorcha Hume –

    ” I am General Manager of Charlie House, a local children’s charity dedicated to supporting children with complex needs and life-limiting conditions. I have overall responsibility for the management and leadership of the charity, its current projects and all fundraising activities. I also drive forward and personally manage many major trust and individual donor relationships to successful outcomes whilst overseeing all other forms of income generation.”

  • Dr Terence Goh –

    As a Drug Safety (also known as “Pharmacovigilance”/PV) Officer, my position requires a scientific background and an awareness of patient safety in a clinical trial setting. Therefore having prior experience of working in a healthcare environment with direct patient contact would greatly benefit any individual considering a career in the Pharmaceutical Industry (especially the area of PV). It is one of a number of potential roles for those who have worked in a healthcare setting (doctors included) which will eventually lead to highly satisfying and encompassing career in an ever-evolving industry.