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Medical Careers

Welcome to the Medical Careers website hosted by the University of Aberdeen.  The site is aimed at providing links to Careers advice for medical students attending the University of Aberdeen and for Foundation doctors in the North of Scotland.

It’s almost certain that all of us will at some time think “Where is this course/this training taking me?”

The information on this site is geared towards helping you answer the two most common aspects of this question –

  • How do I plan my career progression / How does my career fit in with what I want as a lifestyle?
  • What options are available to me / What’s my “best fit” for a career in medicine?

The aim of the site is to give you –

  • access to a few reliable medical careers websites – these can give general advice and access to more specific websites
  • a list of local contacts – both senior colleagues running speciality training programmes and trainees who are willing to discuss their choice of training programme with you
  • access to emerging information and articles on careers – what’s new both nationally and locally



Access to medical careers websites

– these websites help with advice about career progression as well as outlining the options available.

Careers Websites


Local Contacts

This page of the site lists specialities and local contacts.

Local Contacts


What’s new?

Regular updates on careers and recruitment news – national and local.

What’s New?