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Scientist in Alzheimer’s breakthrough gives lecture

The scientist who made headlines around the world with the announcement of a breakthrough in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease is giving a public lecture in Aberdeen next week.

Professor Claude WischikIn July Claude Wischik, Professor of Psychiatric Geratology and Old Age Psychiatry at the University of Aberdeen, revealed the findings of a Phase 2 clinical trial of an entirely new treatment that appears to slow the progress of the disorder by 81% over a year.

Professor Wischik will outline details of the disease modifying drug – which is still at the clinical trials stage and is not on the market - at this year's Alzheimer's Research Trust public lecture which takes place at University of Aberdeen's Arts Lecture Theatre on Tuesday (September 16) at 6pm.

The new therapy was developed by Professor Wischik's research team, together withTauRx Therapeutics, which is a Singapore-based company spun out of the University.

Professor Wischik, who is Chairman of TauRx Therapeutics, will describe how the treatment called rember™ was the first drug to act on the tangles discovered by Alois Alzheimer over a century ago.

The Professor will give details on how his team have taken an entirely new approach by targeting the tangles which are aggregates of abnormal fibres of tau protein which form inside nerve cells in the brain. These aggregates initially destroy nerve cells critical for memory and then other neurons in the brain as the disease progresses.

The lecture will be chaired by Dr Donald Mowat, Consultant and Clinical Director in Old Age Psychiatry of NHS Grampian

Dr Mowat was the clinician who headed up Grampian's trial centre.  Ninety-six people living in North east Scotland were among the 321 patients with mild and moderate Alzheimer's disease who took part in the Phase 2 trial which has now been completed.

Professor Wischik's lecture is free and open to all. To reserve a place at the event contact Karen Scaife at the University of Aberdeen Events Office on 01224 273233 or email

PLEASE NOTE: The Phase 2 clinical trial has now ended. A Phase 3 clinical trial is planned for next year. Recruitment has not begun and it is not yet known where the trial will take place. rember  is not available on the market.




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