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Media Releases Archive - October 2003

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This page contains media releases from the University's Communications Office for October 2003.  For new releases, please click on the New Media Releases page highlighted above. To view the media release in full, click on the media release title below that you wish to view (please scroll down to see the full list).

Media Releases - October 2003
Date Topic
31 October 2003
Ref: 1256 (UO)
Students are £1,000 times better off at the University of Aberdeen
30 October 2003
Ref: 1255 (UO)
Hilton Campus redevelopment
28 October 2003
Ref: 1254 (CASS)
University celebrates the founding of its youngest department
27 October 2003
Ref: 1253 (CASS)
Prestigious US showcase for Aberdeen's Irish and Scottish research
24 October 2003
Ref: 1252 (CLSM)
Open your mind to the appliance of science
27 October 2003
Ref: 1251 (CLSM)
The class of 1936 reunited
15 October 2003
Ref: 1250 (CLSM)
North-east kids get VIP pass to go wild at the University of Aberdeen
15 October 2003
Ref: 1249 (SE)
Further international research and training links
15 October 2003
Ref: 1248 (UO)
Two major health & safety related conferences for Aberdeen
14 October 2003
Ref: 1247 (MMS)
Major training investment in bone and joint disorders awarded to the University of Aberdeen
13 October 2003
Ref: 1246 (MMS)
Aberdeen's medical imaging pioneer invited to Reception
at Buckingham Palace
10 October 2003
Ref: 1245 (AD)
Button boxes and moothies
10 October 2003
Ref: 1244 (MMS)
Aberdeen schoolchildren to take part in unique asthma surveyl
9 October 2003
Ref: 1243 (SE)
Rocks could reveal secrets of life on Earth - and Mars
8 October 2003
Ref: 1242 (SE)
BG wildlife photographer of the year exhibition launched
7 October 2003
Ref: 1241 (MMS)
Renowned experts retire from the University of Aberdeen
7 October 2003
Ref: 1240 (AD)
University hosts Royal Institute of Philosophy lecture series
6 October 2003
Ref: 1239 (AD)
Opening chords struck for the new season of University Music
2 October 2003
Ref: 1238 (SSL)
CHAP happy at the University of Aberdeen Business School
2 October 2003
Ref: 1237 (MMS)
Asthma patients to benefit from international research study being undertaken by the University of Aberdeen

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