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Media Releases Archive - November 2003

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This page contains media releases from the University's Communications Office for November 2003.  For new releases, please click on the New Media Releases page highlighted above. To view the media release in full, click on the media release title below that you wish to view (please scroll down to see the full list).

Media Releases - November 2003
Date Topic
28 November 2003
Ref: 1283 (UO)
Minister gives keynote address at University sustainability conference
28 November 2003
Ref: 1282 (UO)
Bradyworks - outstanding contemporary music group from Canada
27 November 2003
Ref: 1281 (CASS)
UK first for prestigious seminar series
27 November 2003
Ref: 1280 (UO)
New centre of excellence in environmental sustainability for Aberdeen
26 November 2003
Ref: 1279 (CLMS)
Major incidents and their impacts on University agenda
26 November 2003
Ref: 1278 (UO)
Students to benefit from launch of information centre
26 November 2003
Ref: 1277 (UO)
University joins forces with students to explore new facilities
26 November 2003
Ref: 1276 (UO)
Rifkind urges Europe to look to UK for way ahead
25 November 2003
Ref: 1275 (UO)
What would you do with £270 million?
21 November 2003
Ref: 1274 (CPS)
Aberdeen transport expert advises Austria
21 November 2003
Ref: 1273 (UO)
Lewis Macdonald to launch 'aim 4 uni' at the University of Aberdeen
19 November 2003
Ref: 1272 (UO)
Scotland's culture and identity under the spotlight
18 November 2003
Ref: 1271 (CPS)
Aberdeen to host major international conference on oceans and the sea
18 November 2003
Ref: 1270 (CLSM)
Leading Aberdeen doctor honoured by the Royal College of General Practitioners
17 November 2003
Ref: 1269 (UO)
Captain Corelli author to be honoured by the University of Aberdeen
13 November 2003
Ref: 1268 (UO)
Opening exhibition: Spirit of Stones
13 November 2003
Ref: 1267 (CASS)
From Russia … to Aberdeen
11 November 2003
Ref: 1266 (UO)
Aberdeen students' Careers Information Fair
11 November 2003
Ref: 1265 (CPS)
Rural futures under the European spotlight
10 November 2003
Ref: 1263 (UO)
Scotland: a superpower?
7 November 2003
Ref: 1262 (UO)
Aberdeen ranked above Oxford and Cambridge
7 November 2003
Ref: 1261 (UO)
Hundreds expected to attend the University of Aberdeen's
Act of Remembrance Sunday Service
6 November 2003
Ref: 1260 (CLSM)
£100k funding awarded to the University of Aberdeen for pioneering cerebral palsy research
6 November 2003
Ref: 1259 (CASS)
Aberdeen academic goes back to her roots with £3M research project in New Zealand
5 November 2003
Ref: 1258 (UO)
Going home: museums and repatriation
4 November 2003
Ref: 1257 (CLSM)
Medical masterclass scheduled for the University of Aberdeen

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