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Media Releases Archive - March 2003

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This page contains media releases from the University's Public Relations Office for March 2003.  For new releases, please click on the New Media Releases page highlighted above. To view the media release in full, click on the media release title below that you wish to view (please scroll down to see the full list).

Media Releases - March 2003
Date Topic
31 March 2003
Ref: 1142 (SE)
Salters' Festival of Chemistry
28 March 2003
Ref: 1141 (AD)
Schools Philosophy - help needed?
28 March 2003
Ref: 1140 (SE)
Cormack Astronomical Meeting
27 March 2003
Ref: 1139 (UO)
European Universities Debating Championship
25 March 2003
Ref: 1138 (UO)
Granite City Challenge
25 March 2003
Ref: 1137 (UO)
FE/HE Information Days
24 March 2003
Ref: 1136 (MMS)
Professor Sir Graeme Catto
24 March 2003
Ref: 1135 (UO)
Free Money for New Applicants to the University of Aberdeen
20 March 2003
Ref: 1134 (SSL)
Environmental Risk
18 March 2003
Ref: 1133 (SSL)
New training technique for UK emergency handlers
18 March 2003
Ref: 1132 (AD)
North East Storytelling Festival
14 March 2003
Ref: 1131 (UO)
University Music concert to honour respected Aberdonian
14 March 2003
Ref: 1130 (AD)
Launch of new Centre for the Study of Scottish Philosophy at the University of Aberdeen
12 March 2003
Ref: 1129 (SE)
Launch of the University of Aberdeen's new Centre for Applied Dynamics Research
12 March 2003
Ref: 1128 (E)
Children being heard
11 March 2003
Ref: 1127 (AD)
Gifford Lecture Series 2003
11 March 2003
Ref: 1126 (SSL)
New health and wellbeing studies
10 March 2003
Ref: 1125 (AD)
Launch of new Centre for the Study of Scottish Philosophy at the University of Aberdeen
7 March 2003
Ref: 1124 (UO)
Aberdeen's most significant development opportunity,Marischal College, to be remarketed
7 March 2003
Ref: 1123 (UO)
Outstanding academics of the University of Aberdeen elected to
The Royal Society of Edinburgh
7 March 2003
Ref: 1122 (SE)
National Science Week

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