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Media Releases Archive - February 2002

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This page contains media releases from the University's Public Relations Office for February 2002.  For new releases, please click on the New Media Releases page highlighted above. To view the media release in full, click on the media release title below that you wish to view (please scroll down to see the full list).

Media Releases - February 2002
Date Topic
28 February 2002
Ref: 959 (AD)
Acclaimed writer Alan Spence appointed to new Creative Writing Chair at Aberdeen University
27 February 2002
Ref: 958 (MMS)
Clinical appointment for University of Aberdeen
26 February 2002
Ref: 957 (AD)
Northern Ireland's First Minister to give first public lecture in Scotland Northern Ireland: The Challenge of Leadership
25 February 2002
Ref: 956 (E)
Testing Times - New scheme allows schools to accurately assess & predict pupil progress throughout schooling 
21 February 2002
Ref: 955 (UO)
Chancellor of the University of Aberdeen appointed as Chairman of the Board of National Museums of Scotland
21 February 2002
Ref: 954 (SSL)
Aberdeen University launches new business development courses 
20 February 2002
Ref: 953 (SSL)
Land Economy launches new degree programmes
19 February 2002
Ref: 952 (UO)
Nearly new clothes for sale at University nursery
19 February 2002
Ref: 951 (UO)
New community history book for Newmachar
15 February 2002
Ref: 950 (UO)
Aberdeen breaks another record with over 12,000 applications
14 February 2002
Ref: 949 (AD)
New project to investigate the Irish and Scottish diaspora
of the twentieth century
8 February 2002
Ref: 948 (UO)
Scholarship lunch hosted by the University of Aberdeen
5 February 2002
Ref: 947 (UO)
President of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists to visit Aberdeen University
5 February 2002
Ref: 946 (SE)
Sitting in the hot seat
4 February 2002
Ref: 945 (AD)
Marischal Museum evening lectures resume at Aberdeen
1 February 2002
Ref: 944 (MMS)
Memorial service held to mark the life of eminent pharmacologist
1 February 2002
Ref: 943 (AD)
Philosophy lectures to address technological issues begin at Aberdeen

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