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Media Releases Archive - November 2001

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This page contains media releases from the University's Public Relations Office for November 2001.  For new releases, please click on the New Media Releases page highlighted above. To view the media release in full, click on the media release title below that you wish to view (please scroll down to see the full list).

Media Releases - November 2001
Date Topic
28 November 2001
Ref: 921 (UO)
The University of Aberdeen appoints first ever Director of Marketing
27 November 2001
Ref: 920 (AD)
Workplace safety investigated by Aberdeen scientists
22 November 2001
Ref: 919 (AD)
Leading voices to speak out on Scotland and the world at St Andrew's Night debate
22 November 2001
Ref: 918 (UO)
Diary Note - One-day seminar - Unravelling the seamless provision
22 November 2001
Ref: 917 (SE)
New offshore materials centre to bring commercial benefits to the oil and gas sector
20 November 2001
Ref: 916 (UO)
Conference to address issues facing Scottish companies in the wake of September 11
19 November 2001
Ref: 915 (UO)
Major one-day conference to explore sustainable development and the oil and gas industry
14 November 2001
Ref: 914 (UO)
Statement: Rector of the University of Aberdeen
12 November 2001
Ref: 913 (UO)
Aberdeen University offers free e-learning course to SMEs
9 November 2001
Ref: 912 (SSL)
Sustainable rural development policy and practice findings launched
8 November 2001
Ref: 911 (AD)
Doric teaching tool goes online thanks to Aberdeen University
8 November 2001
Ref: 910 (SE)
Chemistry comes under the spotlight
7 November 2001
Ref: 909 (SE)
Who will pay the price to give Scottish agriculture a future?
1 November 2001
Ref: 908 (UO)
Clarissa stands again for Rector of Aberdeen
1 November 2001
Ref: 907 (SSL)
Diary Note: Cameron McKenna Lectures Begin
Law for all times: The work and contribution of David Daube

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