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Media Releases Archive - June 2001

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This page contains media releases from the University's Public Relations Office for June 2001.  For new releases, please click on the New Media Releases page highlighted above. To see the full media release, click on the highlighted title below, or select the required month (at the end).

Media Releases - June 2001


June 2001
 28 June 2001
Ref: 862 (SE)
Ground-breaking work in the field of sensorless drives
27 June 2001
Ref: 863 (UO)
Aberdeen University and SAC announce discussions on closer collaboration in the delivery of services to rural Scotland
22 June 2001
Ref: 861 (UO)
Wendy Alexander Approves University Merger Proposal for Northern College
22 June 2001
Ref: 860 (UO)
Higher Education Experience for Secondary Schoolers
15 June 2001
Ref: 859 (SE)
World’s First MSc in Lean Construction Project Management
14 June 2001
Ref: 858 (AD)
HRH The Duke of Edinburgh to award Royal Gold Medal to Professor Tom Devine
13 June 2001
Ref: 857 (SE)
Salmon Farming: Towards an Integrated Pest Management Strategy for Sea Lice
11 June 2001
Ref: 856 (SE)
Digging for dinosaurs in Old Aberdeen
8 June 2001
Ref: 855 (SE)
Scots maths whizzkids to add up prizes
6 June 2001
Ref: 854 (MMS)
Unique new medical computing science degree for Aberdeen
1 June 2001
Ref: 853 (UO)
Aberdeen tops in admissions once again

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