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Media Releases Archive - January 2001

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This page contains media releases from the University's Public Relations Office for January 2001.  For new releases, please click on the New Media Releases page highlighted above. To see the full media release, click on the highlighted title below, or select the required month (at the end).

Media Releases - January 2001

31 Jan 2001
Ref: 793 (SSL)
Aberdeen expert on Scandinavia to receive Finland's highest accolade
29 Jan 2001
Ref: 792 (SSL)
University of Aberdeen law professors uncover 300 years of North-east legal tradition
26 Jan 2001
Ref: 791(UO)
Aberdeen a first choice for many as applications rise by 17%
26 Jan 2001
Ref: 790 (AD)
Nobel Laureate Seamus Heaney to visit Aberdeen University
18 Jan 2001
Ref: 789 (UO)
Aberdeen University receives European Social Fund support of £2.53million
18 Jan 2001
Ref: 788 (SSL)

Predicting the impact on Norway if the UK joins the EMU
15 Jan 2001
Ref: 787 (MMS)

Leading asthma expert to talk about increase in the disorder
11 Jan 2001
Ref: 786 (SE)

Outstanding young engineer scoops major award
11 Jan 2001
Ref: 785 (SSL)

Aberdeen students survey brighter career prospects through new partnership
9 Jan 2001
Ref: 784 (SSL)

Aberdeen researchers criticise makers of Castaway 2000
5 Jan 2001
Ref: 783 (MMS)
Double First for Aberdeen Historian

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