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Media Releases Archive - May 2000

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This page contains media releases from the University's Public Relations Office for May 2000.  For new releases, please click on the New Media Releases page highlighted above. To see the full media release, click on the highlighted title below, or select the required month (at the end).

Media Releases - May 2000
30 May 2000
Ref: 638
Conference on Emigration attracts world-wide interest
23 May 2000
Ref: 631
University Department achieves “double first”
22 May 2000
Ref: 632
University of Aberdeen signs major industrial collaboration agreement on sight saving software
21 May 2000
Ref: 624
Research into care for the elderly in hospital given a £540,000
funding boost by the European Union
19 May 2000
Ref: 630
Physics, Cosmology, Biochemistry - and God
17 May 2000
Ref: 549
Terry Waite opens Trauma Research Centre
15 May 2000
Ref: 589
University of Aberdeen joy at jobs success for the North East
15 May 2000
Ref: 626
“Spin Doctor” to investigate drug delivery in the body
12 May 2000
Ref: 628
Whitbread Prizewinner and Others to Read Works for the Public
11 May 2000
Ref: 577
University of Aberdeen Medical Graduate scores scholarship success
11 May 2000
Ref: 622
10,000 volunteers to help with research to improve cervical screening in the UK
10 May 2000
Ref: 623
Food Safety Conference at the University
9 May 2000
Ref: 619
Images of the Apocalypse
Lecture at the Seventh Annual Word & Image Conference
8 May 2000
Ref: 618
Voices of Difference
The Ledingham Chalmers European Law Lecture
5 May 2000
Ref: 606
Magnus Linklater to Discuss the Future of the Arts in Scotland: 
Crisis or Confidence?
5 May 2000
Ref: 616
North of Scotland Graduate Recruitment Fair
4 May 2000
Ref: 615
University expert on rural development issues appointed to New Opportunities Fund Scottish Land Fund Committee
4 May 2000
Ref: 605
Building “Images of Hope” for Medicine
3 May 2000
Ref: 617
Choral Extravaganza at St Giles Cathedral
3 May 2000
Ref: 614
Harvard Professor to Discuss Literary Greats
2 May 2000
Ref: 600
Salmon Smells Trick Sea Lice
2 May 2000
Ref: 610
BAA Aberdeen Airport to Sponsor Aberdeen’s Natural History Centre 
2 May 2000
Ref: 566
Professor of Primary Respiratory Care Appointed

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