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Media Releases Archive - March 2000

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This page contains media releases from the University's Public Relations Office for March 2000.  For new releases, please click on the New Media Releases page highlighted above. To see the full media release, click on the highlighted title below, or select the required month (at the end).

Media Releases - March 2000
24 March 00
Ref: 586
Rapid Downhill Success
22 March 00
Ref: 575
University Formally Launches Appeal for New Organ for King’s College Chapel
21 March 00
Ref: 561
Scotland to Help Shape the Knowledge Economy
20 March 00
Ref: 563
Principal of Aberdeen to launch SOCRATES II UK programme
16 March 00
Ref: 573
The Law of Scotland in the United Kingdom
16 March 00
Ref: 571
Recording Lives from the North Sea Oil Industry
13 March 00
Ref: 570
University to Celebrate 500 Years of King's College Chapel
13 March 00
Ref: 564
Former Olympic Athlete and World Record Holder to Launch New Sports and Leisure Degrees
13 March 00
Ref: 551
Parents Invited to Hear about The University of Aberdeen
12 March 00
Ref: 569
Has the dog had its day?  Is soil an essential for life, or just dirt?
10 March 00
Ref: 562
Bishop Elphinstone returns to celebrate 500 years of his Chapel
9 March 00
Ref: 558
Aberdeen University North Sea economics expert to give advice to Japanese national oil company.
7 March 00
Ref: 559
Major programme on the treatment of heart failure patients co-ordinated by University of Aberdeen scientist
6 March 00
Ref: 556
Parents Invited to Hear about The University of Aberdeen  - EDINBURGH
6 March 00
Ref: 552
Parents Invited to Hear about The University of Aberdeen - INVERNESS
6 March 00
Ref: 547
Parents Invited to Hear About The University of Aberdeen - ABERDEEN
2 March 00
Ref: 548
Internationally Renowned Writer and Thinker to Take Up Post at the University of Aberdeen
2 March 00
Ref: 546
University of Aberdeen Bucks National Trend in Attracting International Students and Opens New York Office
2 March 00
Ref: 544
Writers Read Their Latest Works for the Public
1 March 00
Ref: 543
Informative Day for Prospective MA Students Scheduled

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