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Dinosaur fossil footprints to go on show at University's Geology Department Open Day - September 1

Date: 30 August 1999
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Recently discovered fossil footprints made by dinosaurs some 175 million years ago will be on show at the Department of Geology and Petroleum Geology Open Day to be held in the Meston Building between Noon and 6.00pm on 1 September.

They were found by Dr Gordon Walkden and Dr Mike Simmons of the University's Department of Geology during a Petroleum Geology field course north of Scarborough, Yorkshire, being run for fourth year students.

Dr Walkden explained:  "Several different types of dinosaur made the footprints as they walked along a muddy shoreline that looked similar to the Ythan Estuary today.

"Some were made by meat-eating hunters which left clear impressions of long, sharp claws.  One particular impression shows that these dinosaurs had an extra claw high up on the foot, a bit like cats do today.  Only when the foot sank deep into mud did this extra claw leave an impression."

In addition to the footprints, visitors will see the oldest rock on earth, crystals of silver, a volcanic bomb, as well as oil fresh from the North Sea.  They will also get help from geologists to identify rocks, fossils or minerals they may have found themselves.


Further information

Gordon Walkden on telephone +44 (0)1224-273455

Alison Ramsay on telephone +44 (0)1224-273778 or email