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University of Aberdeen Rector’s Assessor appointed to key post

Date: 11 Feb 98
Our ref: 258

Maureen Watt, Assessor for University of Aberdeen Rector Allan Macartney, has been appointed to a new Independent Commission on Local Government and the Scottish Parliament.

The eight person Commission will consider how to build the most effective relations between local authorities and the new parliament in order to best serve Scotland’s electorate and also how to make them more responsive and accountable to the communities they serve. The Commission will report to the First Minister of the Scottish parliament.

Commenting on her appointment Maureen Watt said:

“I am delighted to be given this appointment and have a key role in shaping the future government in Scotland. I look forward to meeting neighbourhood and community groups as well as local authorities and other bodies throughout Scotland. This is a real opportunity for people to voice their ideas on what they really want from local government and how a Scottish Parliament can facilitate this.

“I want to make sure that communities can run services which they want and need. That’s what local government is all about. It’s time to reverse the damage done over the past two decades. Anew Scottish parliament working together with councils can put people in control instead of the great unacountable and unelectable.

“I am looking forward to playing a full and active role in the work of the Commission.”

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