During the COVID-19 crisis the Rowett Research Institute, at the University of Aberdeen, is not able to conduct human nutrition trials but that doesn’t mean they can’t find other ways to help.

Normally the Human Nutrition Unit designs diets and feeds volunteers as part of the human nutrition trials conducted by its researchers. The HNU team features in this podcast and is made up of Sylvia Stephen - HNU Manager, Karen Taylor - Research Dietitian, Nina Lanza - Research Assistant, Aimee Sutherland - Nutrition Assistant and Jean Bryce - Nutrition Assistant. 

At the HNU they are interested in nutrition and care about what people eat, but what do they do when they have no one to feed? Will they keep on creating healthy nutritious recipes. This podcast tells you how the team does it and why it is so important to eat healthily. 

To learn more you can follow the HNU blog HERE and also view their recipes HERE.

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