Aude Benhemma-Le Gall

PhD StudentAude Benhemma-Le Gall

Aude is a PhD student funded by the Marine Collaboration Research Forum (MarCRF). During her PhD, she will assess the responses of marine top predators, including cetaceans and seabirds, to offshore structures. Her research project aims to investigate whether the construction and commissioning of windfarms affect fine-scale habitat and subsequently the spatio-temporal distribution of top predators and their key preys in the Moray Firth.

In 2017, Aude graduated from AgroParisTech (France) with an engineer’s degree in environmental sciences and completed the International MSc in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation (EMBC+ programme) in Ireland. Her MSc thesis investigated the long-term static acoustic monitoring of harbour porpoises at the Galway Bay Marine and Renewable Energy Test Site.

In the past, she worked as a research assistant for the Acoustic ObSERVE project at Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (Ireland) and at the University of Iceland’s Research Centre. During her traineeships, she gained experience and knowledge in marine bioacoustics, modelling and cetacean ecology with the University of Pavia (Italy) and Massey University (New Zealand).