Sherece Thompson (MSc Student 2019)Sherece Thompson

Sherece graduated from the University of Greenwich in 2018 with a first-class honour’s degree in Animal Conservation and Biodiversity. Her undergraduate dissertation explored the residency of harbour seals near Sherece’s home town in Kent, UK. Sherece has a great passion and enthusiasm for the marine environment, with a special focus on seals.

Sherece started her MSc in Marine Conservation with the University of Aberdeen in September 2018. Her project at the Field Station investigated foraging strategies of harbour seals. She was specifically interested in assessing the seals as individuals and creating categories of foraging types which conform to specific foraging characteristics. This was just a small part of the puzzle which enables scientists to better understand harbour seal ecology, thus adding accuracy to models which predict their behavioural responses. Such models are valuable management tools, especially here in the Moray Firth.