Line Cordes (MSc 2007, PhD 2011)Line Cordes

Line carried out an individual-based study of harbour seal demography and pupping phenology from 2007 to 2011 which formed the basis of her Masters degree dissertation, and subsequent PhD. Her research interests centre around the application of long-term individual-based studies in assessing the impacts of environmental variation and anthropogenic activities on population dynamics. On finishing her PhD Line began a post-doc involved in analysis of acoustic data on a large-scale project looking at the impact of seismic surveys on cetaceans in the Moray Firth.

Line is now a visiting researcher at the Department of Fish and Wildlife at Colorado State University. She is writing up her PhD for publication and helping with a few projects in Colorado. She is still involved at the Lighthouse and the long-term collection of individual-based data of harbour seals in order to investigate temporal trends in survival and fecundity.