Katie MacDonald (MSc Student 2019)Katie MacDonald

Katie studied for an MSc in Marine Conservation at the University of Aberdeen. She completed her BSc in Marine Biology at Aberdeen in 2018. Katie's main interests are in the effects of climate change and offshore renewables on the marine ecosystem.

Katie's project at the Field Station investigated potential tracking biases in fulmars and harbour seals. She compared the size structure and sex ratio of harbour seals from aerial photographs taken at Loch Fleet to the size structure and sex ratio of captures in tracking studies. In fulmars, she investigated intrinsic markers from feathers that can indicate the foraging strategies of individuals, which can be compared to the foraging strategies found in tracking studies. If biases are found, it could indicate that caution should be taken when applying findings from tracking studies to whole populations.

E-mail: k.macdonald1.18@aberdeen.ac.uk