Countryfile filming at Chanonry Point

BBC 2, Countryfile Summer Diaries, 2017





BBC 2, Landward, 2012



The Animal's Guide to BritainBBC 2, The Animal's Guide To Britain: Coastal Animals, 2011

dolphin murderDiscovery Channel & Channel 5, “Dolphin Murders”, 2006

BBC Coast LogoBBC 2, Coasts, 2005

rockhopperNational Geographic Channel, 2005

open univBBC, Open University, 2001

Welt der wunderWelt der Wunder, German TV, 1999

earth wind waterBBC Scotland, “Earth, Wind & Water”, 1999

rolf harrisBBC 1, Rolf’s Amazing World of Animals, 1999

tribes of the seaABC TV, USA, “Tribes of the Sea” 1996

operation survivalBBC Scotland, Operation Survival, “Local Heroes”, 1995

Private Lives of DolphinsEquinox, Channel 4, “Private Lives of Dolphins”, 1994

selkiesBBC Education Scotland, “Selkies”, 1992

grey sealFragile Earth, Channel 4, “The Grey Seal”, 1992

country mattersCountry Matters, Grampian TV, 1991