UKRI Funded Author's Publishing Checklist

Open Research

The University of Aberdeen is committed to open research, ensuring there are no barriers to sharing knowledge.

UKRI Funded Author's Publishing Checklist

Articles must be made immediately open access under a CC BY licence and contain a Data Access Statement.

1. Check the journal requirements before submission

a. Is the journal included under one of the institution’s open access publisher agreements?

NO: see (b) or (c)

YES: Is the responsible corresponding author currently affiliated to the University of Aberdeen?

  • NO: see (b) or (c)
  • YES: you can publish gold open access at no cost.

b. Does the journal permit deposit of the author’s accepted manuscript (AAM) in the institutional repository under a CC BY licence?

  • NO: prior to submission, ensure that your manuscript includes a licence statement in the funding acknowledgement section of the manuscript and any cover letter/note accompanying the submission. This cannot be added retrospectively! After acceptance deposit the AAM to pure under CC BY licence.
  • YES: deposit the AAM to pure under CC BY licence upon acceptance.

c. Is the journal fully open access and requires an Article Processing Charge (APC) to be published?

  • Do you have the approval from your DoR?
  • Is the grant current or expired within the last 5 years?
  • Is the corresponding author or PI of the UKRI grant affiliated to Aberdeen?

If NO applies to one of the above: you are not eligible for the UKRI open access block grant. Please make sure you have funds available to cover the APC prior to submission.

If YES applies to all of the above: please contact prior to submission to check whether there are OA funds available.

2. Inform co-authors of your funder requirement

If you are not the corresponding author, ask your co-authors for the licence statement to be included in the submitted manuscript.

3. Add a Data Access Statement

This typically includes:

  1. where the data can be accessed (preferably a data repository);
  2. a DOI or accession number, or a link to a permanent record for the dataset;
  3. if apply, explanation of restrictions on accessing the data (e.g. for ethical, legal or commercial reasons);

Please include a data access statement even when data are available in the supplementary materials (e.g. Data supporting this study are included within the article and/or supporting materials) or no new data were generated (e.g. No new data were generated or analysed during this study).

4. Act Upon Acceptance
  • Deposit your article (article accepted manuscript (AAM) or version of record (VOR)) in Pure as soon as possible;
  • Biomedical research is also required to be deposited in PubMed central in accordance with MRC additional terms and conditions