Open Research

The University of Aberdeen is committed to open research, ensuring there are no barriers to sharing knowledge.

Licence Statement

This statement (also called Right Retention Statement, RRS) must be included in the funding acknowledgement section of the manuscript and any cover letter accompanying the submission, when publishing via Route 2. 

For the purpose of open access, the author has applied a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) licence (where permitted by UKRI, ‘Open Government Licence’ or ‘Creative Commons Attribution No-derivatives (CC BY-ND) licence’ may be stated instead) to any Author Accepted Manuscript version arising.

Funder Acknowledgment Statement

Research funded wholly or partially by UKRI must acknowledge their funders

"This work was supported by the Economic and Social Research Council [grant number xxxx].

or for multiple funders

 "This work was supported by the Wellcome Trust [grant numbers xxxx, yyyy]; the Natural Environment Research Council [grant number zzzz]; and the Economic and Social Research Council [grant number aaaa]."

Data Access Statement

This typically includes

  1. where the data can be accessed (preferably a data repository);
  2. a DOI or accession number, or a link to a permanent record for the dataset;
  3. if apply, explanation of restrictions on accessing the data (e.g. for ethical, legal or commercial reasons);


  • "Data supporting this study are openly available from [name of repository] at [DOI, accession number or URL]"
  •  “Data supporting this study are available from [name of repository] at [DOI, accession number or URL]. Access to the data is subject to approval and a data sharing agreement due to [give reason]”
  • "Data supporting this study cannot be made available due to [explain why data cannot be shared]"

Please include a data access statement even when data are available in the supplementary materials (e.g. Data supporting this study are included within the article and/or supporting materials) or no data new were generated (e.g. No new data were generated or analysed during this study)