CLA (Copyright Licensing Agency) Higher Education Licence

The CLA Higher Education Licence allows you to photocopy and scan (within determined limits) from a wide range of printed materials. The CLA have a title search facility on their website which you can use to check whether item you want to copy or scan is included.

Materials not covered by the CLA licence include printed music and maps. Copying of such materials can only be done under the terms of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988

The licence also allows you to copy from a limited range of digital materials including electronic books and websites. Publishers of digital materials need to opt-in to the CLA licence, therefore you need to check here to determine whether the materials you would like to use are covered by the licence.

The full terms and conditions of the CLA licence can be found and a detailed guide to the licence is available from the CLA Higher Education Licence documents web page.

CLA Library Licence Scheme

The CLA Licence Scheme for Public Libraries gives walk-in users of a library the opportunity to make copies for commercial purposes without having to obtain permission directly from the rightsholder by paying an up-front fee.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons Licences are a fairly recent innovation designed to give copyright owners the flexibility to make their work available for reuse under a range of clearly defined terms and conditions. There are six licences, each with differing levels of permission, each of which give clear guidance on how the contents may be reused and any conditions attached.

Creative Commons Licences can also be applied to electronic theses as this will enable users to reuse your work without having to contact you for permission to do so. Please note however, any further use outwith the scope of your chosen CC-licence can only be made with your express permission.

ERA (Educational Recording Agency) Licence

The University holds the ERA licence for recording TV and radio programmes ('broadcasts') for non-commercial educational purposes. It is a blanket licence allowing reasonably free use of TV material for teaching, based on the number of FTE students at the institution.

You can record feature films, advertisements, documentaries, dramas, etc. The purpose must be for educational, not promotional or recreational use, and the (non paying) audience must be registered students, and staff involved with the teaching.

Since 2013 copyright works owned or represented by Open University Worldwide may be recorded under the terms and conditions of the ERA Licence.

ERA requires all recordings and copies to be accompanied by details (a label for example) of date, name of broadcaster, time and title of the recording and the statement "This Recording is to be used only under the terms of the ERA Licence".

For further information, contact Media Services:

tel: 01224 27 2961

NLA Education Establishment Licence

The NLA Education Establishment Licence permits users in the University to copy from both printed and online NLA media access publications for use in the classroom or for private study

Open Government Licence

the Open Government Licence (OGL) covers use of UK official publications and other information produced by or on behalf of government agencies in the UK.

This licence allows you to:

  • copy, publish, distribute and transmit the Information;
  • adapt the Information;
  • exploit the Information commercially and non-commercially for example, by combining it with other Information, or by including it in your own product or application.

Information used under this licence must be acknowledged by including or linking to any attribution statement specified by the Information Provider(s) and, where possible, provide a link to this licence.