Above Scotland: Images from the National Collection of Aerial Photography

This is a past event

The Special Collections Centre at the Sir Duncan Rice Library, University of Aberdeen is pleased to host Above Scotland, a photographic exhibition from the National Collection of Aerial Photography. The exhibition offers visitors a new perspective on the landscape of Scotland, featuring unique aerial images which demonstrate the impact of agriculture and industry, and religion and conflict on the land under our feet.

Urban, island and rural landscapes indicate physical evidence of human invention and intervention. Through these large-scale images visitors can read the long and complex histories of how Scotland’s places came to be. Unique tales emerge of communities, their stories and their architecture.       

Above Scotland explores the ways in which the practice of agriculture and forestry has applied and revealed layers of alteration in the landscape over generations. The exhibition examines the influence that ritual and religion has made on the environment, and the fortifications constructed for defense. The impact of the Enlightenment and the power of the Industrial Revolution are also exposed from an aerial perspective.                     

Above Scotland has been created by Architecture and Design Scotland (AD+S) and the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS).The exhibition features images exclusively from the National Collection of Aerial Photography.                      

As part of Above Scotland A+DS visited three of the locations featured in the exhibition and invited school children to create a response to their place and to capture the results with their own aerial photography. Films of the process and the results are part of the exhibition. The exhibition is accompanied by a lively and engaging series of talks and activities for all ages please see our events pages for further information and to reserve your place.

The Sir Duncan Rice Library Gallery, Ground Floor