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International Medieval Bibliography
This provides bibliographic information on over 300,000 articles derived from regular coverage of some 4500 periodicals and 5000 miscellany volume (conference proceedings, essay collections, Festschriften and exhibition catalogues). It covers Europe, the Middle /East and North Africa with historical coverage of 400 to 1500.

General history gateways

History Online
History Online provides information about and for historians. It publishes details of university lecturers in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, current and past historical research, digital history projects, new books and journals from a range of leading publishers and sources of funding available for researchers. The database currently holds more than 62,000 records, and new material is added regularly

Internet History Sourcebooks
An excellent site concentrating on primary texts. The three main sections - ancient, medieval and modern - subdivide into period, area and topic. Thereafter there are separate sections on women, Asian, Jewish, science etc. Scroll down the home page to see the extent of this web site.

Area specific

African History on the Internet
A good range of sites covering 19th and 20th century history.

Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library
Web sites on Asians studies comparable to other areas are hard to find. Primary documents in Asian history for example just don't appear on the Internet in profusion. Scroll down the home page to get to the region and country divisions.

EuroDocs: primary historical documents from Western Europe
This is the premier site for European primary sources. You can even get the Declaration of Arbroath.

The Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network is the place to find images, text and sound regarding Scotland's past.

Period specific

Byzantine Studies on the Internet

WWW Virtual Library for Medieval Studies: Labyrinth
One of the sites for medieval history with a strong emphasis on images and primary texts. It can be sometimes be difficult knowing which section to go into but there is a keyword facility.

Another excellent site for medieval history.

Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies
Concentrates on full text resources and links to libraries, organisations and e-journals.

Eighteenth-century resources: History
Well arranged and annotated web sites for History resources abound on American university web sites. This is one example. Again strong on listing the sites which have primary sources.

Yahoo: 20th century History
Yahoo can be relied upon to provide a wide range of site well organised by period and topic. A large number of sites on the world wars, the Holocaust and more recent conflicts such as the Gulf War.