Accessing Electronic Information Resources

We strongly recommend you use our resource discovery tool, Primo, as a portal to our electronic journals, books and databases. Many of the electronic resources we pay for are accessed via a password controlled service, Shibboleth (also known as UK Federation), and Primo will link you through to the correct login screen whether you are working on or off campus.

Off campus, a small number of electronic resources cannot be accessed using Shibboleth. If you experience problems with access using Primo as the portal, you should do the following:

  1. Open the Find Databases link on Primo and search for the database you need. Open the Show Info link for the required database and look up the Authentication Route.
  2. If the authentication route is IP, follow guidelines on how to use the VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) to access e-resources off campus available online.

About the Shibboleth (UK Federation) Service

The Shibboleth service prompts you to login using your University computer username and password both on and off campus. You should look for the word 'Shibboleth' or 'UK Federation', choose 'UK' from the list displayed, then 'University of Aberdeen' from the next list - you will then log in.

E-resources Access

Now you are ready to see what resources are available in your subject area. Follow the links to either:

Subject A-Z index

Please note:

A few journal titles have individual usernames and passwords. University of Aberdeen staff and students can obtain login details online.