Cross-Border Litigation in Europe

Lifelong Learning Programme

In June 2012, the Centre for Private International Law obtained a grant from the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union (the Jean Monnet Scheme) to run a series of 7 workshops of leading experts in private international law from the EU institutions, the UK, Belgium, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Turkey between September 2012 and August 2013. The aim of the project was to promote the debate on how cross-border litigation functions across Europe, and in particular, in the targeted countries. To this end, the workshops offered the opportunity to exchange ideas about the institutional architecture in Europe and its suitability to promote cross-border litigation and uniform application of the harmonised private international law instruments. 

The workshop programmes and reports are available here.

Recovery of Maintenance in the European Union and Worldwide

In 2011, Paul Beaumont and Lara Walker received funding from the European Commission for a project entitled the Recovery of Maintenance in the European Union and Worldwide. The project was headed by the German Institute for Youth Human Services and Family Law (DIJuF). The main contribution to the project was an empirical study on the first year of the application of the Regulation. The findings of the Aberdeen team can be accessed here. The outcome of the project was a Conference in Heidelberg was held in March 2013. The project will result in a book titled ‘Recovery of Maintenance in the EU and Worldwide’ which will be published by Hart publishing in the course of 2014. The book will be co-edited by Prof Burkhard Hess, Prof Paul Beaumont, Lara Walker and Stefanie Spancken.

International Surrogacy Arrangements: An Urgent Need for a Regulation at the International Level

In July 2010, Paul Beaumont and Katarina Trimmings were awarded a grant of over £112,000 by the Nuffield Foundation to carry out a major research study into private international law problems of cross-border surrogacy arrangements. The project was completed in July 2012.