Presentations by members of the Centre

Wednesday 29th January 2020, 12-1pm, Taylor Building A36: ‘Global Administrative Law and Cities: The Perfect Couple that Never Was’ by Edouard Fromageau

Wednesday 4th December 2019, 12-1pm, Taylor Building A36: ‘Drone strikes on Saudi oil infrastructure and international law’ by Constantinos Yiallourides

Wednesday 6th November 2020, 12-1pm, Old Senate Room: ‘Implementing International Watercourses Law Through the WEF Nexus and SDGS: An Integrated Approach Illustrated in the Zambesi River Basin’ by Professor Zeray Yihdego and Julie Gibson

Wednesday 9th October 2019, 12-1pm, OA-Edward Wright Building G73: ‘The Explanation of Judicial Decisions: An Empirical Approach’ by Professor Tamas Gyorfi

Wednesday 27th February 2019, 12-1pm, MacRobert Building 810: ‘Towards a State-Private Actor Partnership in Securing Cyberspace’ by Irene Couzigou

Wednesday 3rd October 2018, 12-1pm, Sir Duncan Rice Library: ‘Due Diligence Obligation of States and Cyber-attacks: A Loose Cannon?’ by Enenu Okwori   

Presentations by external speakers

Friday 28th February 2020, 2.30-6pm, Sir Duncan Rice Library, Meeting Room 1, Conference: ‘International Refugee Law: Comparative Policy Perspectives from Asia and Europe’ by Kivilcim Erkan (University of Kobe), Jean-Pierre Gauci (BIICL) and Irene Antonopoulos (De Montfort University)

 Friday 7th February 2020, 4-5.30pm, Taylor C11: ‘The Fine Line between Collective Self-Defence and Intervention by Invitation’ by Professor Claus Kreß (University of Cologne)

Wednesday 15th January 2020, 1-2.30pm, Taylor Building C11: 'Climate Change and the Voiceless: Protecting Future Generations, Wildlife, and Natural Resources' by Professor Randall S. Abate (Monmouth University)

Friday 27th November 2019, 2-3.30pm, Regent Lecture Theatre: ‘One Hundred Years of Turpitude: A Century of War Crimes Trials’ by Professor Gerry Simpson (London School of Economics)

Wednesday 29th November 2019, 4-5.30pm: ‘The prospects for an ambitious treaty on marine biodiversity for the high seas’ by Joanna Mossop (Edinburgh Law School)

Wednesday 13th November 2019, 1-2.30pm: ‘The State Theory of Hugo Grotius: Lessons for our Time?’ by Professor Nehal Bhuta (University of Edinburgh)

Thursday 31st October 2019, 4-5.30pm, Taylor Building C11: ‘Environmental Rights in Cultural Context’ by Professor Dirk Hanschel (University of Halle-Wittenberg)

Wednesday 23rd October 2019, 1-2.30pm, Taylor Building C11: ‘Litigating Climate Change under UNCLOS’ by Professor Alan Boyle (University of Edinburgh)

Friday 1st March 2019, 4-5pm, Taylor Building C11: ‘The Right to Self-Defence under International Law: Reading and Re-reading the Caroline Correspondence, 1838-1842’ by Professor Dino Kritsiotis (University of Nottingham)

Friday 22nd February 2019, 4-5pm, Taylor Building C11: ‘Regulating Campaign Spending in the Age of the Internet’ by Professor Lori Ringhand (University of Georgia)

Wednesday 10th of October 2018, 1-3pm, Taylor Building C11: 'The Power(s) of Global Constitutionalism' by Professor Anthony Lang (University of St Andrews)