Academic Session 2020- 2021

3rd September 2020 4-5pm, Teams Event: Book Launch: Economics in Legal Reasoning (edited by Péter Cserne and Fabrizio Esposito)

2nd November, 4-5,30pm, Teams Meeting: 'Between Truth and Power: The Legal Constructions of Informational Capitalism' by Professor Julie E. Cohen

27th November 2020, 1-2pm, Teams Meeting: Creating a Multilateral Investment Court: why and how? by Colin M. Brown

16th December 2020, 11am-12pm, Teams Meeting: International Investment Law and Developing Nations: the case of African countries by Dr Emilia Onyema (SOAS University of London)

12th February, 11-12 noon, Teams Event: The draft Data Governance Act and Digital Services Act: a digital constitution for Europe or just too much regulation? by Professor Alain Strowel

4th March 2021, 1-2pm, Teams Event: Superior Bargaining Power in Digital Networks by Dr Claudio Lombardi

Academic Session 2019- 2020

20th March 2020 4-5.30pm, Taylor C11: ‘AI, Ethics and Global Governance: Reigning in Technology or Ethics-Washing?’ by Dr Angela Daly (Strathclyde Law School)

5th March 2020, 4-5:30pm, SDRL Meeting Room 3 ‘Cross-border Resolution of Financial Institutions’  by Riz Mokal

28th January 2020, 2-3:30pm, Meeting Room 1, SDRL:  ‘It is all in EU law? - Remaining questions on investment protection and investor-state dispute settlement within the EU legal order' by Katariina Särkänne (UEF Law School)

2nd October 2019, 1-2pm, Taylor Building C11: ‘Strategic Litigation and Tobacco Control’ by Prof Fiona Smith (University of Leeds)

Academic Session 2018- 2019

26th April 2019, 4-5pm, Taylor Building C11: ‘Cryptocurrencies in the English and Scots common law of property’ by Professor David Fox (University of Edinburgh)

28th May 2019, 9.30-16.30, New King’s 3, Workshop on Trade Wars and the Future of Trade Negotiations’ by Luis González García(Matrix Chambers) and Ambassador Roberto Zapata, Permanent Representative of Mexico to the World Trade Organisation (WTO).