Professor Tina Soliman Hunter

Professor Tina Soliman Hunter

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Professor Tina Soliman Hunter
Professor Tina Soliman Hunter

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The University of Aberdeen School of Law
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Professor Soliman Hunter specialises in Energy and Petroleum Law and is the Director of the Aberdeen University Centre for Energy Law (AUCEL). She teaches and researches in the areas of national and international petroleum law, unconventional petroleum regulation, Arctic petroleum law and governance, International investment protection in the energy sector, and resources law and policy. She has received academic qualifications in marine sediments, geology, political science, applied science, and law, completing her PhD at the University of Bergen, Norway. 

She has been a visiting scholar at the University of Bergen, University of Oslo's Norwegian Institute for Sjørett (NIFS), Murdoch University, Bond University, Tomsk State University, University of Eastern Finland, and the University of Texas, Austin. She has taught in many countries, including Norway, Finland, Iceland, Greece, Russia, and Australia. She is a visiting professor on three continents, with appointments to the School of Law, Murdoch University (Australia), Faculty of Law, University of Eastern Finland, and the Biological Research Institute, Tomsk State University, Russian Federation.

Professor Soliman Hunter has presented at over 50 conferences on five continents, Her expertise has been sought by many national and state/regional governments, where she has been engaged to analyse petroleum laws, draft legislation, and advise on technical, policy and governance issues relating to conventional and unconventional petroleum. She has consulted to governments, industry groups and NGO's in several jurisdictions, including Colombia, Guyana, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Russia, the Philippines and Canada. She has also advised the World Bank. Recently Professor Soliman Hunter assessed the offshore petroleum environment regulations for the Northern Territory (Australia) government and Greenpeace Australia on drilling in the Great Australian Bight. 

Professor Soliman Hunter has written over 100 articles and book chapters. Prior to 2019 she published under the surname Hunter, with publications from 2019 forward under the surname Soliman Hunter. She is the author and editor of several books, including Agricultural Land Use and Natural Gas Extraction (Routledge), the Handbook of Shale Gas Law and Policy, (Intersentia), Regulation of the Upstream Petroleum Sector (Edward Elgar) and Petroleum Law in Australia (LexisNexis). She is the co-leader of the Project Scientific Regulation of Energy Installations in the Arctic (SciBAR Installations Project), and undertakes interdisciplinary research with engineers, scientists, and geologists. She is currently researching and writing on oil spills in the Euro-Barents Arctic Region and heads the Consortium of Researchers and Experts in North and Arctic Marine Ecosystems Oil Contamination (CRENAME) a research initiative between the University of Aberdeen, Tomsk State University, the Northern Arctic Federal University and the Murmansk Marine Biological Institute.

Previously a member of the South Australian Roundtable for Unconventional Gas Projects and the working group for the Queensland Modernising Queensland Resources Acts Program, Professor Soliman Hunter is the current Chair of the Marketing and Communication Committee of the SPE Aberdeen Chapter and a Member of the AIPN Education Advisory Board. She is a co-editor of the Oil, Gas and Energy Law Journal (OGEL) and the Russian Environmental Bulletin. She is a reviewer for the UK Economics and Social Sciences Research Council as well as the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. 


Research Interests

  • Mitigating the environmental impacts of resource extraction
  • Role of science in the regulation of resource activities 
  • Offshore wind licensing and regulation 
  • Shale gas extraction in Australia 
  • Energy security
  • Arctic petroleum law, regulation, and environment
  • Multidisciplinary approaches to resource regulation
  • State control in hydrocarbon extraction
  • Halal slaughter
  • Indigenous and religious concepts in natural resources law

Current Research

  • Legal Character of Petroleum Licenses (book)
  • Offshore Wind Licensing (book)
  • Oil security in Australia (paper)
  • Environmental impact and damage from offshore petroleum extraction (papers)
  • State control of petroleum activities in the North Sea (book)
  • Halal slaughter (paper)
  • Russian Petroleum Law (book)
  • Arctic offshore petroleum activities and the interaction with the environment (CRENAME research consortium)
  • Decommissioning and disposal of petroleum structures in Australia (paper)
  • Role of scientific education in a shifting legal education landscape (book)


  • Associate Professor Huan Jie, China University of Geosciences, Wuhan; shale gas extraction and land use classification in China
  • Professor Ernst Nordtveit, University of Bergen; oil and gas licensing
  • Assoc Professor Ignacio Herrera-Anchustegui, University of Bergen; offshore wind licensing and regulation
  • Professor Jorn Oyrehagen Sunde, University of Oslo; legal culture 
  • Dr Irina Fodchenko, University of Oslo; Russian petroleum law, including safety
  • Dr Slawomir Raszewski, Kings College London (EUCERS); Politics of oil
  • Professor Kim Talus, Tulane Law School; Energy law
  • Professor Terence Daintith, School of Advanced Study, UCL; petroleum licenses
  • Professor Robert Cunningham, Curtin University; Energy Governance
  • Dr Madeline Taylor, University of Sydney; oil security, the environmental impact of shale gas activities
  • Professor Andrey Konoplyanik, Gubkin State University; shale gas 
  • Professor Dmitry Medvedev and Professor Sergey Grinyaev, Gubkin State Oil and Gas University; Oil Security and environmental damage in the Arctic
  • Professor Danil Vorobiev, Tomsk State University; Oiling in the Arctic
  • Dr Andrey Trifonov, Tomsk State University; regulation of the cleanup of oil spills 
  • Dr Mikhail Makarov, Murmansk Marine Biological Institute; Biological impact of Arctic Oil Spills
  • Professor Tatiana Sorokina, Northern Arctic Federal University; environmental impact of oil and gas activities in the Arctic
  • Assoc. Professor Danielle Ireland-Piper and Professor Jonathan Crowe, Bond University; Climate change, law and legal education 



Teaching Responsibilities

  • LS501E State Control of Hydrocarbons (Course Coordinator) 
  • LS5076 Oil and Gas Law (Course Coordinator)  
  • LS551U Legal and Environmental Issues in Unconventional Hydrocarbons  (Course Coordinator) 
  • LS5594 Downstream Energy Law (Course Coordinator)
  • LS502S Regulatory Law for Petroleum Operations (Online) (Course Coordinator) 
  • LS502R Petroleum Resource Management (Online) (Course Coordinator)
  • LS552R Governance in Petroleum Development (Online) (Course Coordinator)
  • LS551K Contracting in Hydrocarbons
  • LS5585 International Investment Arbitration in the Energy Sector 
  • LS501D Oil and Minerals for Good
  • LS3531 Energy Law
  • LS551A Principles of Environmental Regulation 
  • EG55P6, EG55Q2 Engineering Risk and Reliability Analysis
  • GL5525 Commercial Law and Regulatory Frameworks
  • Week 7 Seminars 
Further Info

External Responsibilities

  • Editor, OGEL Journal 
  • Associate Editor, Russian Environmental Bulletin
  • External Examiner, Coventry University
  • External Examiner, Nottingham Trent University
  • External Examiner, University of East London
  • Member, Research Group on Natural Resources, Environment and Development Law, University of Bergen
  • Member, Research Group on Legal Culture, University of Bergen
  • Member, European Science and Technology Network on Unconventional Hydrocarbon Extraction
  • Advisor, Department of Mines and Petroleum, Western Australia
  • Advisor, Department of Mines and Energy, Northern Territory, Australia
  • Advisor, Yamadji Marlpa Aboriginal Corporation, Western Australia
  • Advisor, Nyamba Buru Yawuru Aboriginal Corporation, Western Australia
  • Chair, Membership, Marketing and Communications Committee, Society of Petroleum Engineers  (SPE), Aberdeen Chapter
  • Member, Education Advisory Board, Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (AIPN)
  • Member, Editorial Board, Journal of World Energy Law and Business 
  • Visiting Academic, University of Bergen
  • Visiting Academic, University of Oslo's Norwegian Institute for Sjørett (NIFS)
  • Reviewer, UK Economics and Social Sciences Research Council
  • Reviewer UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

Admin Responsibilities

  • Director, Centre for Energy Law 
  • SAT Leader, Athena Swan SAT (Law)
  • Director, LLM in Energy Law
  • School of Law Research Ethics Officer and Member, CASS Ethics Committee

PhD Supervision

Interested in Supervising PhDs in 

  • Petroleum Law 
  • Arctic petroleum law and governance 
  • Unconventional petroleum development  
  • Energy security
  • Russian energy development 
  • Regulation of well integrity and field development. 

Honorary Appointments

  • Honorary Professor (Docent), University of Eastern Finland
  • Honorary Professor Murdoch  University (Australia)
  • Visiting Professor, Tomsk State University (Russia)
  • Visiting Professor, Gubkin State Oil and Gas University (Russia)

Professional Affiliations

  • Member, Australian Mining and Petroleum Law Association
  • Member, Australian Institute of Energy
  • Member, Society of Petroleum Engineers
  • Member, Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (AIPN)
  • Member, Education Advisory Board, AIPN