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Professor Robin Evans-Jones
LLB (Aberd), PhD (Edin)

Chair of Jurisprudence


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Professor Evans-Jones specialises in Roman law, Scots law and comparative law, especially South African private law. He has been a visiting professor in the Department of Private Law, University of Cape Town since 2000. An abbreviated publications list is provided below:




The Civil Law Tradition in Scotland (ed.) (The Stair Society, 1995) pp. 1-350, ISBN 1 872517 080


Unjustified Enrichment, vol. 1, Enrichment by Deliberate Conferral: Condictio(Scottish Universities Law Institute, W. Green: Edinburgh, 2003) pp. i-xxvii, 1-348, ISBN 0 414 009 975


Unjustified Enrichment, vol. 2, Enrichment Acquired in any Other Manner (Scottish Universities Law Institute, W. Green: Edinburgh, 2013) pp. i-xxv, 1-201, ISBN 978 0 414 0849 5


The above book on unjustified enrichment is the first major work on the subject in Scots law. The subject had to be “found”, explained within its comparative and historical context and dealt with systematically. The many Scottish court decisions were allocated to their position in the new understanding of the law.


Some Reviews of volume 1 (reviews of volume 2 are forthcoming):


Hector MacQueen, 2004 SLT Issue 19, 118ff:


the book is an outstanding success..”

“Evans-Jones’ treatment is a triumph of sustained juristic analysis

“The Scottish Universities Law Institute series has contained many works which redefined Scots law in their subject areas….Evans-Jones’ work… already a worthy addition to these ranks


Mark Godfrey, 2004 JLSS:


a truly outstanding and ground-breaking book which will be the primary reference point in the field for many years to come….a model of exceptionally clear and rigorous analysis”.


Chapters in Books


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“Searching for “Imposed” Enrichment in Improvements”: Classifications and General Enrichment Actions in Civilian and especially the Mixed Legal Systems of Scotland and South Africa”, 16 (2008) Restitution Law Review 18-40

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PhD Supervision Interests

Professor Evans-Jones is interested in supervising research students working in the areas of comparative law, the civil law tradition, legal history and the law of obligations.

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