Scottish Government Online Identity Assurance Programme

Scottish Government Online Identity Assurance Programme

The Scottish Government has set up the Online Identity Assurance Programme to develop a common approach to online identity assurance and authentication for access to public services that supports the Scottish landscape and direction for digital public services delivery. 


The Scottish Government has committed to working with stakeholders, privacy interests and members of the public to do this, in line with a commitment set out in the Scottish Government’s Digital Strategy published last year.


We are delighted that delegates at the BILETA conference will have the opportunity to contribute to this. Gavin Ross from Digital Directorate, Scottish Government will attend the conference. Gavin will display a poster after lunch on day 1 and will be standing by the poster happy to engage in discussion.


From the start of day 2, a suggestion box will be available at the registration table and there will be a Sticker Wall on which views can be shared.  Contributions can also be made via Twitter #IdentityAssurance. Finally at lunchtime on day 2 before we move to the Google prize session, in a 5 minute session Gavin will summarise briefly the provisional contributions from BILETA, and there will be the chance for a short wider discussion.      


The Scottish Government Online Identity Assurance project team is publishing regular updates on its work, including the work of national stakeholder and expert groups. These can be accessed at