Posters should be AO size and laminated (portrait or if landscape A1 Size).  The particular format, and the use of colour, is up to the presenter.  If you would like to send your poster in advance, you may send it to Professor Abbe Brown, Law School, Taylor Building, Old Aberdeen, Aberdeen AB24 3UB, to arrive by 4 April 2018.  Or you can bring it with you.

All colleagues with posters should arrive for registration as early as possible on 10 April to arrange display.

We will not be able to print posters in Aberdeen.  Please also note that you will need to take your poster away with you at the end of the conference.

After lunch on Tuesday 10 April, poster authors will be invited to stand beside their posters, and all conference colleagues will be invited to view them and ask questions.

There will be no formal presentation.