Systematic Content Analysis of Judicial Decisions

This is a past event

Systematic content analysis of legal texts consists of applying social science methods to case law research.

According to Hall and Wright, there are three main phases of content analysis: 1) case selection and creation of a database; 2) coding of cases according to rigorous selection criteria; 3) analysis of the cases using quantitative or qualitative methods.

This seminar, held by Dr Claudio Lombardi, will guide students through each of these three stages.

The seminar is organised within the framework of the SGSAH Law Discipline+ annual training program. It is open to all Scottish-based PhD students. PGRs in the legal field are particularly encouraged to participate. However, the method of systematic content analysis can be applied beyond legal texts. Hence, any PhD student is welcome.

In preparation for the event, you are kindly asked to read the following paper: Epstein, Lee, William M. Landes, and Richard A. Posner. “How Business Fares in the Supreme Court.” Minnesota law review 97.4 (2013): 1431–1472.

If you want to know more about systematic content analysis, see: Hall, Mark A., and Ronald F. Wright. “Systematic Content Analysis of Judicial Opinions.” California law review 96.1 (2008): 63–122

Dr Rossana Ducato and Dr Claudio Lombardi
Hosted by
School of Law
University of Aberdeen, Old Senate Room

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