Evening Classes


Our new schedule is available to view and book at the beginning of August.



The Language Centre offers a broad range of evening courses. The levels we may offer are as follows:

  • Level 1: Complete Beginners
  • Level 2: Beginners Continuation (follow on course for complete beginners)
  • Level 3: Lower Intermediate
  • Level 4: Lower Intermediate Continuation
  • Level 5: Intermediate
  • Level 6: Intermediate Continuation
  • Level 7: Higher Intermediate
  • Level 8: Higher Intermediate Continuation
  • Level 9: Advanced

Not sure about your level?

Choosing the right level is based on self-assessment. Look at these descriptions to help you decide your level.

Unfortunately, the Language Centre is unable to deal with individual enquiries regarding levels. However, if you find that the level is the wrong level for you, please speak to your tutor who may be able to move you.

Course structure

Each course runs for 12 weeks once a week for two hours apart from our brush-up courses which only last for 6 weeks.

Please note: For any queries about the foreign language evening courses we offer please read the Frequently Asked Questions before contacting us as the information you need may well be covered there.