Division of Applied Medicine

The Division of Applied Medicine brings together academic staff whose main role is to engage in Translational Medicine. The academic staff comes from a wide variety of backgrounds in basic and clinical science. The primary aim of the Division is to foster an environment where original observations and novel findings made in the research-laboratory setting of the Institute of Medical Sciences, in the clinical research setting of the Health Sciences Building and our hospital facilities can be used to develop new and innovative tests (biomarkers) for disease or new medicines. Also, the causes, genesis and treatment of disease based on unique clinical observations are studied by the multidisciplinary teams of basic and clinical scientists. Thus the Division aim to foster a real Bench to Bedside to Bench approach to Applied Medicine.

Staff are involved in studies in most of the common diseases of man including heart disease, stroke, gastro-intestinal diseases, rheumatic diseases (osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis), many varieties of cancer, renal diseases and autoimmune disease. Close collaboration between Division staff and NHS staff working in the adjacent 1000+ bed Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, which is part of the NHS Grampian facilities used, allows easy access to patients for clinical research.