Kosterlitz Projects

The Kosterlitz oversees a number of current projects which focus on target validation and drug discovery; the team works alongside Research & Innovation and the lead biologist for each project. These projects have generally started with biological innovation, e.g. relating to the discovery of a new receptor or pathway and involvement in a disease state. The Kosterlitz team are then ideally placed to add value to the discovery by: identification of relevant funding streams and assistance in preparation of grant applications, access as required to pharmacology, synthetic organic and medicinal chemistry for mechanism of action studies and generation of selective ligands for proof of principle and target validation. 

Kosterlitz Projects

Further development of the project may involve access to SULSA compound libraries and high-throughput screening, followed by an in-house or outsourced drug discovery campaign. The team can provide advice and contacts for conducting outsourced preclinical studies; can assist with the writing and filing of patent applications and,in concert with R&I, assist with finding suitable partners for a successful commercial conclusion to the project (where appropriate).

Furthermore, projects which are part of the Kosterlitz, have the added advantage of synergy with other projects, which may facilitate the sharing of data (e.g. common signalling pathways), resources (e.g. biological models and bioactive compounds) and personnel (e.g. chemistry and technical support may be split between projects), and joint grant applications.


Dr Iain Greig (i.greig@abdn.ac.uk) or Dr Ann Lewendon (a.lewendon@abdn.ac.uk)