The CLIL Learner Conference invited young people from three different schools to work together and share their evalutions of CLIL experiences. Each school presented individual CLIL projects and discussed not only what they had learned, but how they learned best. Learners worked in groups to produce a CLIL Teachers' Charter, some volunteered to go to the Chill 'n Spill room and talk to a video camera about their learning experiences (Big Brother CLIL!), whilst others posted statements about their views on CLIL lessons. Whilst teachers were also included in the discussions, the day was all about CLIL learners - celebrating their successes and listening carefully to what they had to say about their own learning moments. A poster of the Teachers' Charter designed by the learners is available. Contact the ITALIC team if you wish to have a copy. For more information check out pages 87-89 in the ITALIC Research Report.

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