You have a printing budget from which charges for all printing and copying are deducted. For current charges, see associated user guides.

Each time you use your ID card to print or photocopy, the cost is deducted automatically from your printing budget. As long as your budget remains in credit you can print. You can use the PrintManage utility to check and top up your balance.

Payments to your print budget

  • New students start off with an initial print budget of £1.
  • Top up online using the e-pay PrintManage system. You will need to login to the system using your University username (e.g. u01abc01) and password.
  • All payments are made in exact multiples of £1.
    • Minimum payment £5
    • Maximum payment £20

If you run out of credit

  • MFDs will display a ‘Credit too low’ message and your items will not print.
  • Printers will ‘beep’ (you will not see a warning), and your items will not print.
Warning: Once paid for, print credits are non-refundable. You must not top-up more than is needed as remaining amounts will not be refunded.