Braille Embosser

Braille Embosser

A Braille embosser is located in the Edward Wright building.

In order for the embosser to correctly produce readable Braille from a Word document, it is essential the document is formatted correctly. For advice on preparing documents for embossing, please see our Assistive Technology web pages. Alternatively, contact one of our Assistive Technology Advisers, contact details below.

Once your document is correctly formatted, you should email it as an attachment to, requesting that it be embossed. Embossing Braille documents is charged in the same way as printing. Embossing is currently charged at 4p per double-sided page. Please let know who should be charged.

Your embossed Braille document can be collected from the IT Service Desk, Edward Wright Building (ground floor, block A).

For more information about the Braille embosser, contact the Assistive Technology Advisers.