Before using computing facilities for the first time you must register and obtain a personal username and password. You’ll retain the same username throughout your time at University, but you will have to re-register and change your password at the start of each academic year.

Once you have your student ID number you can register in any PC classroom or via

  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete then click OK. This will display the login window
  • In the user name box, type register
  • Leave the password box empty; Click OK
  • Click on the University of Aberdeen Registration Systemicon
  • Click on the eRegistration Loginlink
  • Login with your date of birth and the first 8 digits of your student ID number, e.g. 50901234
    • Once you have logged in you will see a picture of the University crest with different sections to complete. You may already have completed some of these details over the Web.
  • Click on the Castle segment of the crest to register for a Computing Account and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Read the Conditions of Use carefully, and scroll down to Accept them
    • Note: By clicking on Accept, you are acknowledging your awareness of and concurrence with the University of Aberdeen’s Conditions for using IT Facilities. Unauthorised or improper use of University IT facilities could result in termination of your computing account, or even your studies.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions for choosing your email address and password
  • Click Validate
  • You will receive on-screen confirmation of your username and email address
    • IMPORTANT: Memorise your username, email address and password! You will need this information to login to:
      • MyAberdeen - electronic course materials
      • Student Hub - for exam and timetabling information
      • University student email system - for all your University course correspondence
      • Access to campus IT facilities - PCs, printers, wireless network
    • If this is not your first year, you will be given the same username and email address as last year but will have to choose a new password.
  • Click on back to update your eRegistration details under the Personal, Course of Study or Finance sections
  • Click on Logout to leave the eRegistration program
  • Once your registration has been processed, you should be able to login the next working day. Note, however, that it can take 24-48 hours before all systems are activated.

Note: Keep your password secret. It protects your files and print budget from unauthorised access. You should change it regularly (someone might have watched you log on); an icon is provided on the desktop for changing your password.