Your IT questions answered!

If you can't find the answer you're looking for below, or elsewhere on our web pages, please contact the Service Desk.

What is my computing account and what does it give me access to?

Your computing account allows you to access IT services on the University of Aberdeen network. Use your computer username (e.g. u01abc12) and password to access:

How long is my computing account accessible after I graduate or leave?

Your computing account is closed very soon after you have graduated or have completed your PhD. This means that your H: drive will be unavailable to you, so please ensure that you take copies of all personal files and coursework files that you wish to keep. If you are going to continuing to study at the University after graduation, or have an extension on your PhD, please contact the Service Desk in advance to discuss temporarily keeping your account open.

I have forgotten my computing account password/my password is not working/I want to
change my password. How do I reset it?

If you have registered with our Password Management service you can reset your password yourself. Find out more about the Password Management service.

If you haven’t registered with our Password Management services, or your password reset is not working, please contact the IT Service Desk.

  • If you contact the IT Service Desk about resetting your password, you will be asked a series of questions to verify your identity. If you're visiting us in person, remember to bring your Student ID Card.

I'm having problems completing e-registration for this academic year/I have a question about registration?
  • If you have problems completing e-registration and you believe the problem is IT related, for example you're unable to login, please contact the IT Service Desk.

  • If you have a question about courses, personal details or financial information, please contact the Infohub.

I can't login to MyAberdeen. What should I do?
  • First, make sure that you have completed e-registration for this academic year:

  • If you are still unable to login to MyAberdeen, try resetting your computing account password using the Password Management service.

If resetting your password has not helped, contact the IT Service Desk.

I can't login to my University email account. What should I do?
  • First try accessing your email account via the Login to Student Email link at

  • Remember that when you login to your email you should use your email address as the username, e.g. or as applicable.

  • If you have just changed your password or completed e-registration, please allow 1 hour before trying to login to Student Email.

  • If you are unable to access your email because you’ve forgotten your password, try resetting your password using the Password Management service.

  • If you are still unable to access your email, please contact the IT Service Desk. It would be helpful if you could provide us with an additional way of contacting you, either a phone number or alternative email address.

  • You may need to provide information to verify yourself, such as your student ID card.

I can't login to the Student Portal. What should I do?
  • If you can't login to the Student Portal, first make sure you have completed e-registration for the current academic year.

  • If your login isn't working with other University systems (e.g. University wireless, Studentmail, classroom PCs, MyAberdeen etc.), please try resetting your password using our Password Management service.

  • If it is only the Student Portal you can’t login to (e.g. you can login to University wireless, Student Email, classroom PCs, MyAberdeen etc.), please contact the IT Service Desk.

The IT Service desk cannot help you with exam results. If you would like to know your exam results, or if your results are missing from the Portal, please contact the Infohub.

Where can I find a free Classroom PC?

For live updates of where there are free Classroom PCs, see our Free PCs app:

How do I connect my laptop or device to the University’s wireless networks and where is wireless available?
  • To connect to the University’s wireless networks you will need your computer username (e.g. u01abc12) and password.

  • Most University academic, administrative and residential buildings on the Old Aberdeen, Foresterhill benefit from wireless access via the eduroam network. The eduroam network is also available in University of Aberdeen halls of residence. However, there may be limited coverage in some areas, e.g. toilets, stairwells, sports halls, changing rooms, etc.

  • Guides on how to configure a number of different devices and laptops for the wireless networks are available online.

  • If you are having problems joining the wireless network, please contact the IT Service Desk.

How do I contact the IT Service Desk?

The IT Service Desk is your first point of contact for IT support at the University.

  • Email us at

  • If you are using a Classroom PC or using the University’s wireless network, you can contact us by logging into the MyIT portal - our self service web facility. From here you can log a new call with us, update your call with new information, and check the progress of any open calls you have logged.

  • Alternatively, you can visit us in Edward Wright Room G84 in Old Aberdeen. On the Foresterhill campus, you’ll find us in Polwarth Building Room 1:122. During term time, we also have drop-in desks in The Hub.
    See our Help and Support web page for opening hours.
    See a map of Old Aberdeen and a map of Foresterhill.

  • We are happy to help you connect your personal laptop/device to the University’s wireless network. However we are unable to help if your personal laptop/device has a hardware fault, is virus infected, or has serious software issues. A list of computer shops in Aberdeen who may carry out repairs for you can be found on our Personal Laptop Support page.