Interactive Voting

Interactive Voting

Following successful trials with selected first year classes in 2016-17, from mid August OMBEA Response became the University's online polling system, replacing the InterWrite PRS system. For a basic video introduction to OMBEA see:

The OMBEA Response plug-in is available for PowerPoint from Microsoft System Centre on University PCs. Once you have downloaded the software register with Media Services to be able to use OMBEA on classroom enabled PCs. The CAD eLearning OMBEA Response - Quick Guide will help you with downloading the software and converting any PRS questions for use in OMBEA Response.

OMBEA have a series of useful resources which include a YouTube channel and text based resources in the Guide, which is spit into three sections:

  • Learn to Walk - covers the basics, although for advice on installing the software see CAD's eLearning  Quick Guide 071 OMBEA - the basics
  • Learn to Run - covers detailed settings and advanced slide types
  • Learn to Fly - covers pedagogical issues of creating good questions, tips for running smooth sessions and accessibility advice.

With OMBEA Response students can use their own portable / hand-held devices (phones, tablets, laptops etc.) to interact in class or remotely in pre-determined time periods. Because the system is browser based any internet enabled device will work with OMBEA. With this system students can read the questions on their own devices as well as on the main lecture theatre display and only select options which are available for each particular question. The system can be made anonymous and, with a suitably designed question included, enable a class register to be taken for attendance if required. Detailed analysis of responses is available for the tutor both during and following the session. This can be made available to students, or kept hidden.

Selected help resources are available from the OMBEA Links section of this website.