We offer a bookable Interactive Voting system

Known as the Personal Response System (PRS), has the following advantages:-

  • Enables you to test students’ understanding of your subject
  • Facilitates discussion and peer learning/instruction
  • Ensures students are actively engaged in learning
  • Attendance can increase as a result of students feeling more engaged/motivated
  • May result in higher retention rates
  • Responses are gathered anonymously thereby allowing you to determine students’ opinions of sensitive topics
  • Class opinions are more accurately reflected as more students are likely to respond than if you were using a traditional ‘show of hands’ approach
  • Can be applied in almost all disciplines
  • Can be used for a variety of pedagogical applications

Via this link, you can access training, download the software and other aids.

The system can be booked my emailing mediaservices@abdn.ac.uk ,we would require dates, locations and class sizes.